'Close To You' contains a light and mellow blend of acoustic and nylon string guitars accompanied by some slow grooves, textures, and natural sounds aimed at relaxing listeners.

'Close To You' continues to receive five-star listener ratings consistently through thousands of digital downloads and physical CD purchases, the main theme being the music will last for years within your listening collection. The song 'Silent Star' received US national radio play on the syndicated radio program 'Echoes' and 'Silent Star' video featured on YouTube has been viewed 2,300,000+ times and still climbing, the music from 'Close To You' continues to receive  airplay  on a variety of Internet radio stations, International satellite radio, and public radio stations within the US and abroad.

The music from 'Close To You' is featured on compilation CDs, Three songs from 'Close To You' ('The Dance', 'Holding You Soul', 'Angelina') are featured on Medhi’s 2005 release called “Passion”, Volume 1 by Soothing Music Inc., Three songs from 'Close To You' ('Close To You', 'Endless Tide', 'The Dance') are featured on Coldwater Creek’s The SPA 2008 release called 'vitalize'. 

All music  wrote and performed by ALDO
Recorded and produced by ALDO
Mastered by JOHN VESTMAN johnvestman.com
Artwork by CLEM DAVINCI getadavinci.com

Music Listener Reviews

“The greatest gifts I have received since releasing 'Close To You' would be reading the personal stories you have shared with me indicating the positive impact my music brings to your life, I also enjoy the many five star fan reviews indicating my music stays relevant within your immediate listening collection, can be listened to within a variety situations, and sets a very relaxing vibe. For those of you just being exposed to my music I welcome you and sincerely hope you enjoy my positive original relaxing instrumental guitar music!” Ciao, ALDO

***** 5 Star Rating: Magical, Moving, Work of Art
Reviewer: Deb Gunther

This is some of the most beautiful, uplifting music I've ever heard. It lifts you up and takes you to beautiful exotic places, giving you such a feeling of peaceful serenity, breathtaking moments in time!! The most haunting guitar styles I have heard in many a year, this young artist truly knows how to keep you in tune for every note, some of the most electrifying, captivating classical music I have ever enjoyed. Thank you "Aldo" for working your magic so very well, much continued success to you!!

***** 5 Star Rating: ‘Close To You’ Gives voice to the stars!
Reviewer: Jeannie Sanders from MI

‘Close To You’ lifts you up to the stars, dips you in the sea, and warms you with the sunshine of a gentle guitar on this profoundly soothing collection. Guided securely at the hand of a confident talent, ‘Close To You’ coaxes you to relax and asks you to feel nostalgic; you will feel transported, yet comforted and safe when you are in the presence of this work. It is strong and lovely!

***** 5 Star Rating: Enchanting, Captivating, Smoldering....Need I say more.....
Reviewer: Bridget Nickols from CA

Aldo, and his music are a credit to his profession. He is an extremely talented man, and musician. His music is so soothing, and peaceful that I have found that when I am feeling on edge, all I need to do is turn his CD on and within minutes I feel relaxed and at peace.!

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