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***** 5 Star Rating: Comfort in my heart
Reviewer: Kathi from Tucson, AZ

My fiancé is deployed in Syria, he was shot, he lost some of his soldiers. This has been very difficult for me. Especially at night when I lay in bed alone. I couldn't sleep, all I did was cry. Now I listen to the music and it soothes my heart, relaxes me. My Captain is doing better and with the beautiful music so am I. And now I can be here for him fully even if it's from a distance.  I love all the music, I imagine myself walking on the beach listening to your music hand in hand with my fiancé. Thank you for your beautiful music looking forward to more of your music

***** 5 Star Rating: Amazing
Reviewer: Jorge Varela from Huntington Park, CA

You Music is Amazing. No matter how my day was I can always listen to your music to fit the mood. I recommend your music to every one I can possibly tell. All which agree with me;You have out standing talent. I envy you so much because of this. I only hope to play like you one day. I can't wait for you nextalbum "Together Again", I know it will be something worth the wait.

*****5 Star Rating: Excellent Mental Vacation
Reviewer: Sue E. Conte from Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

I totally love this CD and play it through multiple times to the day. Its sultry music evokes thoughts of romance on the beach in a tropical area south of the border. Very sensual, very engaging. Lilting melodies that are memorable by a first class guitarist that will transport you. If you're planning an evening of romance, or just daydreaming of one ~ the ambiance this album affords should fill the bill! My only beef is ~ when is he going to release a new CD??

***** 5 Star Rating: Romance with The Light
Reviewer: Svetlana Sheridan from TX

Awesome website! It's very artistic and creative, professional and informative! Fantastic design and choice of colors, amazing cover’s Art! Traditional and modern! I’m under deep impression of your most beautiful music and excellent guitar playing! It's highly emotional and touching, romantic and relaxing! My absolute favorite is a Masterpiece "Silent Star"!  All original compositions are brilliant and cultural! Waves of melodies, emotions, and passions arise and flow through you. I bind myself with the song and become as one with gentle breezes, echoes and relaxing meditative sounds. I love the emotion and dreaming transparency of your unique music! Very original song structure and concept as a whole, it unites Classical, Spiritual and New Age styles. When the silver strings are playing...the highest graces of music flow from the feelings of the Heart! ALDO, Special Thanks for your beautiful uplifting instrumental “Together Again”. It’s a generous gift! I love your first CD “Close to You” and looking forward for a new release CD entitled “Together Again”. Bravo to your amazing talents! Sincerely, Svetlana.

***** 5 Star Rating: Magical, Moving, Work of Art
Reviewer: Deb Gunther

This is some of the most beautiful, uplifting music I've ever heard. It lifts you up and takes you to beautiful exotic places, giving you such a feeling of peaceful serenity, breathtaking moments in time!! The most haunting guitar styles I have heard in many a year, this young artist truly knows how to keep you in tune for every note, some of the most electrifying, captivating classical music I have ever enjoyed. Thank you "Aldo" for working your magic so very well, much continued success to you!!

***** 5 Star Rating: ‘Close To You’ Gives voice to the stars!
Reviewer: Jeannie Sanders from MI (www.myspace.com/pethikemou)

‘Close To You’ lifts you up to the stars, dips you in the sea, and warms you with the sunshine of a gentle guitar on this profoundly soothing collection. Guided securely at the hand of a confident talent, ‘Close To You’ coaxes you to relax and asks you to feel nostalgic; you will feel transported, yet comforted and safe when you are in the presence of this work. It is strong and lovely!

***** 5 Star Rating: Enchanting, Captivating, Smoldering....Need I say more.....
Reviewer: Bridget Nickols from CA

Aldo, and his music are a credit to his profession. He is an extremely talented man, and musician. His music is so soothing, and peaceful that I have found that when I am feeling on edge, all I need to do is turn his CD on and within minutes I feel relaxed and at peace.!

***** 5 Star Rating: Awesome, engaging & moving!!!
Reviewer: Joseph Stefanick from PA

This is one of the best new CDs that I have in my collection. Aldo's music is moving, very engaging and just plain awesome. I listened to the CD numerous times in my car while traveling recently. I had Goosebumps and tears at times; Aldo really puts his emotion into the music! This CD is a definite buy!

***** 5 Star Rating: My senses come alive, 'Close To You'..
Reviewer: Debbie

The commanding reverbaration of the deep, rich sound draws your attention, demanding you to listen… then gentle strokes, the kind that cause goose bumps, filter through the evils the day brought and gently places you on a warm, sandy beach, the ocean lapping at you heels as you drift, with each note, of the heartfelt, soul enhanced music.

**** 4 Star Review: This CD is TERRIFIC! When's the next one coming out?
Reviewer: Nic D

I just loved this CD. The only thing that I consider a drawback is that it doesn't last forever! The songs honestly take me to some place other than the place I'm trying to get away from when I listen to it. I wish it were a tape so I could flip it to side B and get another ear full. My toddler daughter cannot resist going to sleep when she listens to it; it's so peaceful and wonderful. Please put another out real soon!

***** 5 Star Rating: 5A ~ An Adorable Acoustic Aldo Album
Reviewer: William K. Smothers from Hockessin, DE

An instrumental album that has both upbeat Jazz grooves and low-key New Age soothing melodies, all with wonderful acoustic guitar playing by Aldo. This album's New Age Jazz sound is just wonderful. It should get a lot of playing time in your office and/or at home when you need to unwind! Not quite sure who to compare Aldo with...he has his own unique guitar sound. At times Aldo's playing on "Close to You" reminds me of Govi (Tracks 2 & 3) and at other times he sounds a little like Peter White (tracks 4 & 9), Thom Rotella (Track 6) or Chris Spheeris (Track 10). Aldo on this album sounds nothing like the blues/rock guitarists Santana, Satriani, Clapton, or Atkins mentioned by the previous reviewers (at least not to my ears).

***** 5 Star Review: Really great music, I enjoyed it immensely.
Reviewer: Shannon Nations

The music was inspiring and relaxing at the same time. It even made me cry. Please keep playing your music; you have touched my soul as well as my heart. Luv Shannon.

***** 5 Star Review: Excellent Guitar Music
Reviewer: Robert Lee Johnson from Denver, CO.

One of the Best Contemporary Guitar CDs I have ever heard. My Guitar Heroes are Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams, and I have to put Aldo in the class with the finer Guitarists.

**** 4 Star Review: My favorite relaxation CD!
Reviewer: Lorie Sollenberger from Malvern, PA
This CD is fantastic. I listen to it often and have shared it with family and friends - who also love it. The songs are diverse, creative, and beautifully performed.

***** 5 Star Review: Aldo Thanks
Reviewer: Elizabeth

The CD is wonderful. My 3yr old likes it alot. We listen to it in the morning before I drop her off to the sitter and in the afternoon. I can't wait for the next one.

***** 5 Star Review: Excellent Album! When is the next one!
Reviewer: Lance Yarbrough from Oxford, MS United States.

I like guitar music from Bill Monroe, Eric Clapton, Chet Atkins to Joe Satriani. It looks like I will have to add ALDO to the list. Just to wait for the slow fade up on Track 1, which is the title track, "Close To You" gives a sense of anticipation. Almost a tingle in the upper part of your spin and your ears can not wait to feel the strums of the strings. "Silent Star's" accompaniment gives a listener an Enya-like harmony yet adds an indescribable feeling to the music. Every one the ten tracks are an experience. I only wish that ALDO would give some indications to what inspired each song other than the title as a clue. If you were looking for a contemporary classical guitar album, on par with the skill, power of performance and creative genius as other performers like Yanni and Carlos Santana? This is the album for you. The album is excellent for background dinner music, relaxing, or other appropriate adult activities.

***** 5 Star Review: Phenomenal!
Reviewer: Jeanna S. from Bradenton, FL

Aldo’s music is relaxing, meditative and moving. “Close to You” creates the perfect atmosphere for any environment; it will make a connection with any mood or setting. Highly recommend for anyone who loves listening to beautiful, creative music. I listen to this CD constantly, and look forward to more from ALDO in the future!

***** 5 Star Review: Transcendent, Touching, Tantalizing... My new favorite CD
Reviewer: Katie from Aston, PA

Aldo, with his Close To You is a rare talent. While his style is difficult to name, one might compare the music to that of Ottmar Liebert, Enya, or Enigma. The acoustic guitar is full and mellow, but never too sweet. It lends itself to dinners by candlelight, lazy Sunday mornings, long drives, or as a stress reducer at the office. I listen to this CD all of the time. In short, I highly recommend that you listen to a sample, and then purchase it without delay. You will not be disappointed!

***** 5 Star Review: Great CD while entertaining with friends
Reviewer: Joe I. from Wilmington, DE

When I first listened to this CD......the first song Close to You jumped out at me.....It is not only an uplifting song....but I believe it's the heart and soul of this CD and the first step of how this CD brings listeners within a journey of moods..... My personal favorites....close to you,Angelina,The Dance and Reborn.... I'm looking forward to Aldo's second now that I have this CD in my collection!!!

***** 5 Star Review: Cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this CD!
Reviewer: Sam Rosano from Philadelphia, PA

I listen to this CD making dinner, relaxing at the beach, or just sitting on my deck with a glass of wine. We love it and so do my in-laws. It's very unique that people are always asking about the artist. I've been asked to bring this CD to a few parties. GET YOUR OWN!

***** 5 Star Review: Brings relaxation to a new level
Reviewer: Marc H. from PA

Brings relaxation to a new level. My wife & I have listened to this with a bottle of wine, & we have also played this in the car on our way to Church.

**** 4 Star Review: Mellow mood, great for relaxing
Reviewer: Bernie G. from Philadelphia, PA

Great overall quality on the recording. Aldo's picking style is really out front. His classical guitar phrases embody the whole mood of the album. If you like the works of Jessie Cook or Peppino D'Agustino, you should really consider ALDO's new cd.

***** 5 Star Review: A very soothing and romantic collection of original songs that lighten the spirit!
Reviewer: Denise I. from Wilmington, DE

As a person with a very long commute each day to and from work, things can become quite stressful. I recently purchased the Close To You CD and find myself listening to it each day in my car as the soothing solos take my mind off of an otherwise hectic time! The music literally transfers you to a quiet / tranquil place. My husband and I enjoy kicking back in the evenings after dinner and enjoying the romantic mood the music brings as well.

***** 5 Star Review: Stress Relieving
Reviewer: MS Woods from Brookhaven, PA

I listen to this CD mostly in my car. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to transition from work to family.

***** 5 Star Review: GREAT listening anytime Can't wait for the next CD!!!
Reviewer: Chris Bowers from PA

Great addition to a music connoisseur collection! Bravo!

***** 5 Star Review: Aldo's music is beautiful!
Reviewer: Farrokh Attarzadeh from Sugar Land, TX.

I first came across the Aldo music through the latest release of a CD called Passion by Soothingmusic.com. This CD was actually the 2005 release of Mehdi, that I happened to have all his CDs and enjoy them all very much. Having listened to the Aldo tracks (3 of them) so many times, I decided to have the full CD by Aldo which I got about a month ago. Aldo's music is beautiful and all tracks sound just great. I recommend this CD to all instrumental music lovers.

**** 4 Star Review: Beautiful music
Reviewer: Thao

Definitely one of my favourites. The music is absolutely beautiful, can be enjoyed by everyone. This is what real music is! As for best track - Silent Star would have to be my favourite.

***** 5 Star Review: ALDO
Reviewer: Debbie Crudup

Absolutely LOVE this CD. I took it to work to listen to it over & over agin. Everyone in the office enjoys it as well. Looking forward to his next CD

***** 5 Star Review: So you like good guitar music?
Reviewer: C. A. Eyler, Jr., Hagerstown, MD

The "Close to you" CD by Aldo is worth the low price and a lot more. The music is soothing and quickly draws the listener to a better place, especially at the end of a long, trying day. I would strongly recommend this CD to any serious fan of Acoustic Guitar.

***** 5 Star Review: I've fallen in love again!
Reviewer: Coralpink

Boy, Aldo sure knows his stuff! I was trying to find the best Spanish guitar music cd there is and I listened to the song "Close To You" by Aldo on Youtube.com. When I finally got the cd album I was sooo amazed by the mesmerizing music. Very relaxing and very romantic. Very soothing sounds.

***** 5 Star Review: Zritel 85!
Reviewer: Tsveta Tsankova

I love your music! I listen it mostly at work. Thank you for what you are doing!

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